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English classes

We have three locations for English classes - Mezcala, San Juan Tecomatlán, and San Pedro Itzicán.  

Every Sunday morning

Volunteers needed!

Volunteers needed!

Receiving food and household items from

Food Share program

We help 40 families each month with a food dispensa.  These families have been identified as those in most need.

Once a month

Donors needed

Volunteers needed!

New lessons being learned

Planting program

Visit our "Vivero La Esperanza" in San Juan Tecomatlán! Different teachers provide a great learning experience for the youth.

Every Saturday morning

Help always needed

Volunteers needed!

Bracelet training.jpeg

Jewelry classes

We started in La Cuesta, and are now teaching ladies in San Pedro Itzicán.  If you have skills you can teach, let us know!


Volunteers needed!

Rodrigo helping at the salon.jpg

Hair styling and make up classes

If you would like to volunteer, we can always include your help!




Sewing program

Sewing classes are up and running.  But the sewing machines aren't always so helpful! I   If you can help we need you!


And supplies are always needed!

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