Before Covid changed our lives in 2020, these are some of the projects we were providing

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English classes

We have been holding weekly ESL classes for 2 years.  We hope to restart these when its safe for volunteers and students.

Receiving food and household items from

Food Share program

Before the pandemic, we were helping 55 families each month. During mid-March to mid-August 2020, when people lost their jobs, we were providing over 2,000 families with a basic weekly despensa.    

New lessons being learned

Planting program

Because of Covid, our "Vivero La Esperanza" in San Juan Tecomatlán is somewhat neglected despite regular visits by Francisco and Brad to keep things going.  It will restart when its safe to do so.

Bracelet training.jpeg

Jewelry classes

We have been providing jewelry making classes since 2017 and hope to restart when its safe to do so.

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Hair styling and make up classes

For 3 years we also provided hairstyling and make up classes.  Again, we would like to restart this when its safe to do so.


Sewing program

We were providing sewing classes for 10 women. Now they know how to make masks - and we have supported this effort.  Masks are given out for free to encourage people to wear them.

Baking classes

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The women built a pizza oven and make pizzas at the weekend for sale.  They also have a corn crushing machine which makes the corn tortilla mix.

Financial support needed to keep this going.

Knitting classes


We have provided knitting classes for 3 years now.  It gives a sense of accomplishment and pride.  We hope to recontinue in 2021.

Library Program

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We try to create a love of reading and created a library.  Volunteers read stories and related projects.

Spanish books are needed...

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Ron teaching ESL
Rodrigo and thank you sign
Reforestation project 2018
Distribution of food to vulnerable
Dog walking training