Sewing classes continue!

We are thrilled that sewing classes are continuing!  In October 2018, Sofia of Fiaga Boutique in Ajijic, visited San Pedro a number of times.  She reviewed the sewing machines on site and showed the ladies how to maintain them.  She also taught them how to cut out a design and taught them basic sewing skills using a sewing machine.  They made some of the costumes used in the traditional dances that the youth now perform.
In 2019 we continued training with Tare of the Tepehua Community Center with a new group of women (our thanks to Karen and Harvey Bernier for their generous support).
Late in 2019, Annette Thompson kindly agreed to coordinate the sewing program.  She has managed to get many of the machines fixed, has provided materials and we now have a regular, local teacher, Mario.  The class is now teaching 10 women!
Mario sewing lesson (2).jpeg
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Here you can see some of the ladies with the shopping bags they have made.  They are for sale at Kinda Bazaar, Kinda Not in Riberas.

Mario is teaching the women how to alter donated clothing so that it can be used locally.  Transforming items into stretch pants and dresses for kids from t-shirts.  Mario used to work in a garment factory, so it's great that he is willing to help these women (we do pay him for his time).

We are always looking for sewing supplies - fabric, needles, pins, sewing machine needles, sewing thread, and anything else you don't need!