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We are always looking for donations for the people of San Pedro Itzicán 
Nothing goes to waste in San Pedro Itzicán!  Apart from food (which is always needed!), if you have anything to donate, we will pick up your donations and find a new, welcome home for your donation
Some items (household ones, for instance in good condition), can be sold locally (in bazaars) accept items in our name, at Kinda Bazaar and Todo Bueno in Riberas.  Mia's Boutique in Ajijic will accept clothing items in our name.  Just tell them that your donated items are for Poco a Poco/the Brigada Estatal.
If you are planning a move and would like some help with sorting out and discarding items, we can organize a team of youth to help, with guidance from the Director of the Brigada.  (If they are just there to work, we just ask that they are provided with water and a sandwich...)  But almost anything you donate will be used in the San Pedro communities by people in need, including old doors, furniture, appliances, bedding.
There is always a need for used clothing (especially for children), and shoes for children.  So if the clothes cannot be sold at a second hand store, we will take them. 
We would also like to get donations of coloring supplies for the children, personal hygiene items, kitchen utensils and pots.
Just call us and we can arrange for pick up.
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