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Volunteers are always needed!
We are always looking for willing volunteers to help with our projects.  Think about what you would like to do and we will work with you to find where best we can use your help.
We are always looking for people willing to drive, as we often have donated items to take with us, when we go out to San Pedro.
So please fill in the form, and let us know what skills you have and the type of volunteer position you think you would like to do.  Then click on Send to send it to us!
Little boy looking at book.jpg
The San Pedro Itzicán kids often have nothing to occupy them when they are not in school.   Parents are away working; they children don't have activities they can do on their own, and most are also looking after siblings.

Some children attend school - others do not. They don't have books to read and don't really know how to play with toys.  

At the Poco a Poco children's kitchen we provide books, coloring books and crayons so that they have activities to keep them busy.  But someone reading to them would be better... or teaching them a game... 

We are always looking for:
  • Volunteers willing to teach English,
  • Medically trained people to teach skills,
  • People able to give workshops on various subjects,
  • Trainers for sewing, knitting, jewelry making, computers, music, drama and dance.
  • And anything you think will help the community.

Thank you! We will be in touch!

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