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Program for children and young adults with different needs

Since November 2021, twice a week in Mezcala and now twice a month in San Pedro Itzicán, our volunteers, together with the children and their mothers, work to teach, encourage and guide them to learn and enjoy this educational experience.  Many of these children and adults have never been to school and have been given very few activities to stimulate or encourage them to learn.


We have purchased many special supplies and special toys - and our grateful thanks to our wonderful donors. 


Want to volunteer?  We are always looking for people to drive our volunteers to San Pedro or Mezcala as many don't have cars themselves. 

Listening to a story.jpeg
coloring and gluing.jpeg
The children love to listen to a story

They love coloring and painting, but it's more than just coloring.  It's hand-eye coordination, following instructions, much more delicate, hand moves than they are used to, and most important making it fun and giving them pride.  The mothers are also happy about the progress that their kids are making.....

coloring and numbers (1).jpeg

They learn their numbers doing the activities we have in the classes.  Progress and pride... it's lovely.

But they use up a lot glue, coloring pages, crayons and paper.. so all donations are appreciated!

The volunteers are amazing.  Many have had experience working with children before, and this makes a huge difference.

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