Special Needs program

In November 2021, one of our wonderful volunteers, Janet, was so excited when she saw the new buildings that Poco a Poco volunteers now have access.  Janet's background was a nurse and special needs program for children and adults.

They talked and Anita was thrilled, because she really saw a need for a program for the special needs children and adults in the area.  Many of these people have never been to school and were given very few activities to stimulate or encourage them to learn.

In November 2021, that all changed!  We are using a large room, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, in the San Pedro new office building, for this new program.  After the activities, these children get a meal.


We have purchased some supplies and more are welcome.  We may also have to pay for some support stipends to helpers, so any support you can provide is gratefully accepted.  

Janet with one of the boys.jpeg

Janet is working with volunteers (more are needed!) to help run a loving, and caring program, that will help stimulate and support these children and adults, and will help their families too.

Just look at the joy!