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Hairdressing lessons

We started hairdressing classes in 2018, and are most grateful to Rodrigo (Rollo) Lopez, one of the local Ajijic hairdressers, for taking his Mondays off work, to come and volunteer.  He taught all aspects of hairdressing and make up.  

Now a number of the women are working from home, making a bit of money, by styling or cutting hair and doing make-up for events.  We are so grateful to Rollo for his dedication and skills, and giving up so much of his time.

This was one of the programs we had to temporarily close during Covid, as we could not risk our volunteers or the trainees getting sick.

Then in December 2021, Yoly Martinez, of Yoly's Beauty Salon in Ajijic, offered to come out and teach in Mezcala!  We were so excited and so enjoyed watching her teach!  

She started the first class with 15 women, and asked them why they wanted to learn hairdressing.  It was interesting to hear their reasons.  One in particular struck me.  The young mother has three children and a husband, who all need haircuts on a regular basis.  It costs her a lot of money for those haircuts, money that otherwise could be spent on food for the family.  So not everyone wants to become a professional hairdresser.  For some, its a way to make ends meet...

Yoly lessons.jpg

In the very first lesson, Yoly spent most of her time talking about germs.  How they spread.  (For instance, head lice.)  As well as the importance of having a clean working environment, and told the class to make sure everything was clean and ready for the next class.  She taught them how to clean the materials (which Poco a Poco had provided).  The lesson on germs was astounding to them!  (And we were still in covid...)

Unfortunately, Yoly broke her wrist and ankle in February, so classes have only now restarted (May 2022).  In Yoly's absence, the women have been practicing  and Anita also arranged some local Mezcala hairdressers to come and do free haircuts.  It's all a good learning experience!

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