Medical supplies needed

We will try to keep this page updated with the urgent supplies that are needed for health related problems in the area.  There is no pharmacy in San Pedro Itzican, or in any of the small villages. So the Brigada office in San Pedro is the only place people can go to get help for first aid for minor ailments.  But the Brigada are constantly in need of more supplies.

On a regular basis, the Brigada need pain killers, anti-septic creams, Neosporin, bandages, gauze pads, Band-aids, splints, cough mixtures for adults and children, children's tylenol, etc.  If you have anything you can donate, please contact us as soon as possible.

Last September (2018), there were more than 70 children in the area who had a Staph skin infection.  The International Institute (via Matt Pettus) organized a visit for some of the children to see a doctor in Chapala, who diagnosed the problem. 


The school is trying to support these communities, so they also raised funds to purchase the medication needed.  The cost was  200 pesos per child.  This is something that reoccurs - so if you are able to assist, he can be contacted at

Click here to pull up a PDF file which you can print, and then take it to any Farmacia so they can help you find the items needed.
You can also drop off any items to Total Body Care (Ocampo 33 in Ajijic) or Purple Pizza on the Carretera  in Ajijic village - and tell them its for San Pedro Itzican medical supplies.

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