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Growing food...

Lakeside Foodbank and Poco a Poco have been feeding children, and renal patient families, since 2019.  Throughout Covid, they continued this important program.

Now CreSer A.C. (Grow, Create, Believe) is moving this further forward with the organization of the Kids' Kitchens and to grow organic, pesticide free food in the impoverished indigenous villages east of Chapala on Lake Chapala.  They also are teaching the community how to be more self-sufficient, with many educational programs.  We are so pleased to welcome this organization in helping the community!

The children who come to the Kids' Kitchen programs, have been identified as being vulnerable, for various reasons, for getting kidney disease.  (Some reasons are that they have known malnutrition issues, parents or close relatives with kidney disease, or not really part of a family and thus considered "abandoned", among other reasons.) 


But trying to keep providing food is not the only solution.  Growing food is a way to make a change.  And getting local people involved with improving their diet and helping themselves, is essential. But teaching and maintaining a garden project has its challenges too.... as we have found in the past.

CreSer want this garden to be only planted with heritage plants, so that the plants can be harvested, seeds collected and new plants grown from those seeds.

If you have some heritage vegetable seeds to donate, please let us know.  If you have garden tools you are not using - we would love them.  And if you have an interest in helping with this project, please contact Patricia Moran!

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