English classes for youth!

Sometimes you get lucky.  We did.  In May 2019, we found a wonderful new volunteer, David Ellison, a Stanford University trained teacher, who was willing and able to create a structured English class for our youth in San Juan Tecomatlan, Mezcala and San Pedro Itzicán.  David is also fluent in Spanish so that helps us a lot!  He, together with Ron Robertson and Shannon Koch, are giving up their Sunday mornings to go out to these three areas to teach English to three groups of youth. 

Since May these classes have been held regularly each Sunday.   The number of students has dropped, as was to be expected, because we do expect the students to practice between classes.  And some found that too much work!


The number of students in San Pedro Itzicán has been fairly constant, but may be a lot to do with the snacks and sometimes meals (thank you Shannon), that are taken along with the class.  As the youth don't get enough food to eat, its difficult to study and concentrate.  But they are trying.

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Poco a Poco is so grateful to David, Ron and Shannon for taking on this program. 

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Do you remember that special teacher that would spend time helping you?  Even if you were struggling.  David is one of those teachers....

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If you would like to assist with these classes, please contact us. We would love your help!  David is away until early 2020 so some more volunteers who can help continue this course in his absence, would be great.