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We can receive PayPal donations and provide Mexican facturas!  Just click here and go for it!  Thank you!

If you would like to donate to us, please contact us at this e-mail link and let us know how you want to donate - via PayPal, a Mexican check, or in cash - Mexican pesos, CAN $ or US $.  

If you want a US tax receipt, you can do this via the Foundation for Lake Chapala Charities - click here for more information.


We can also provide Mexican facturas and donativos, via the Brigada A.C.

If you wish to donate clothing, household goods, or furniture, to help the people in the San Pedro Itzicán area - please email us.  We will collect from your house if needed.

If you have yarn, fabric, knitting needles or old or broken jewelry, we can re-use it!  Click here to see the list of items currently needed.

We always need support and help towards the cost of running and maintaining the Brigada truck.  This is the lifeline to reach the villages where there is no bus service.  And in an emergency, the only way for some people to get to the hospital. But the roads are hard on vehicles... and this 14 year old truck is dying....  it was not made for these roads.

We also need on-going support for the Brigada office expenses.  Electricity is needed for the sewing and hair dressing programs.  And for many other activities that are held in the offiices. And the offices need WiFi so that the students can do their homework... and because there are no land-lines, that is also costly.

We have started a fund to replace the aging truck.  Without reliable transportation, Anita cannot help people in the community.

If you have a preference of where your donation is to be used, please let us know, so that we can respect your wishes.
For instance you may wish to support:
-  Replacement of the truck;
-  Our Emergency Medical Fund;
-  Put your donation towards the replacement of the Brigada truck;
-  Supporting ongoing costs of growing plants from seed and developing home gardening for
   the brigada youth;
-  Supporting the ongoing costs of supplies used for First Aid (First Response);
-  Supporting our Spanish reading for fun program;
-  Supporting the music, knitting, jewelry, cooking and other programs
   to provide women new skills; 
-  Raising goats for food, goat milk and nutrition;
-  Ongoing projects that will give people in these areas, ways to make a living, with pride.
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