If you are donating in Memory of Jim Higgins, please indicate this in your PayPal donation or drop us a line so that we can let Kari know...
  1. You can donate via PayPal by clicking here or on the button on the right of this box.  You will be taken to the Brigada Estatal PayPal page and you can designate your money to FoodShare or to medical expenses.  Thank you so much!
Right now (May 2020) our FoodShare program is in desperate need of financial support, in order to help the people who have lost their jobs (because of COVID-19) or no longer are receiving financial help from family members in the US, because they have lost their jobs too.  Please consider donating!  Thank you so much!

   2.  If you are in the Chapala/Ajijic area and would like to donate in cash,  

        please contact us at this e-mail link and we will arrange with you a convenient pick up

        time.  Please provide your cell or phone #.


   3.  If you would like a US tax receipt, you can donate to us via the Foundation for

        Lake Chapala Charities - click here for the page for information on how to do 

        this.  (They use PayPal or you can send them a check, arrange a wire transfer or they

        will pick up cash donations in the Ajijic/Chapala area.)

​  4.  If you want to make a bank transfer from within Mexico and receive a

        Mexican factura, please email us so we can send you the bank transfer

        information.  If you want a factura, we will need your business name and

        address as well as your RFC number.

   5.  If you want to make a bank transfer from outside Mexico, please contact us via

        email so we can provide you the detailed information you will need.


   6.  Because of the different Canadian tax laws, unfortunately we are unable to provide

        Canadian tax receipts.  So if you want to donate, please use PayPal or contact us to

        discuss other other ways we might be able to receive your donation.

If you have a preference of where your donation is to be used other than FoodShare, please let us know, so that we can respect your wishes.
Besides FoodShare and Medical expenses, there other programs we run that you may wish to support:
-  Replacement of the Brigada truck - which is a life-safer right now - delivering despensas to
   the villages;
-  Financial support to help with office expenses for WiFi (for homework for students),   
   electricity for the sewing program, etc.
-  Ways to provide clean drinking water to families - this might involve a UV water filter 
-  Ongoing costs of growing plants from seed and developing home gardening projects;
-  Our Literacy Program (for adults and youth);
-  The after-school meal program for children (when it resumes);
-  Provide financial support for our cooking classes;
-  Help develop a local library (with Spanish books);
The ongoing costs of supplies used for First Aid (First Response);
-  Our Spanish reading for fun program;
-  Music, knitting, jewelry, cooking or other programs to provide women and children 
   new skills; 
-  Ongoing projects that will give people in these areas, ways to make a living, with pride.

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