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HOW TO DONATE...   updated April 2022

  1. You can donate to Poco a Poco via PayPal by clicking here or on the PayPal button.  You will be taken to the Go Fund Me page, which one of our committee members set up.  Let us know if you want your donation to go to a specific project. Thank you so much!
Lining up for food June 2021.jpeg
2.  If you are in the Chapala/Ajijic area and would like to donate in cash, (sometimes this is a lot easier for us!) please contact us at this e-mail link or call Kari at +52 333-820-4927, and we will arrange with you a convenient pick up time.  Please also provide your cell or phone #.
  3.  If you would like a US tax receipt, you can donate to us via the Foundation for Lake Chapala
      Charities -
click here to reach the page for information on how to do this. 

     They use PayPal so if you wish you can make regular donations to us, or you can send them a check,
     or arrange a wire transfer or they w
ill pick up cash donations in the Ajijic/Chapala area.)
Note: If your donation is for more than $500 US, and you would like a US tax receipt, consider making a wire transfer directly to the Foundation for Lake Chapala Charities, as it will arrive much quicker.  (Check donations above $500 US can take months to clear.)  
4.  If you want to make a bank transfer from outside Mexico directly to Poco a Poco, 
     please contact us so we find the best way for you to do this. 

5.  If you want to make a bank transfer to us from within Mexico, please click here to
     email us, to see which is the best way to do this. 

If you have a preference of where your donation is to be used, please let us know via email, so that we can respect your wishes.

Unfortunately, because of the different Canadian tax laws, we are unable to provide
Canadian tax receipts.  So if you are a Canadian, and want to donate, please use this GoFundMe page or contact us to discuss other other ways we might be able to receive your donation.

3 girls in the kids kitchen.jpg
Since 2022, one of our biggest challenge is raising funds for medical expenses.  We are helping many families with essential, life saving medicines and services (hemodialysis, home dialysis supplies, anti-rejection drugs for renal transplant patients).  Normally these medicines and services would be provided by the public health system at a low cost for these impoverished families, but since covid, funds and public hospital staff are currently not available to provide these services. 

Of course there are other programs that need your support too! 

The Kids' Kitchens, provides food to over 700 children, 5 days a week - in 6 locations!  ​We are so grateful to Foodbank Lakeside, who pay for most of the food.  But their contribution doesn't cover all the expenses involved with this essential program.  We pay small stipends to the cooks and helpers, who start work at 5:00 am in the morning.  We buy masses of tortillas!  And there are expenses to use and maintain the truck to pick up food, distribute it to the other kitchens, etc.  Any help you can provide would be most appreciated!

And we also need:

-  Financial help so we can
build the community center on some land we have purchased;
-  Financial help to build a safe home for Anita on land she has purchased (now being built!);
-  Financial support to keep our truck running and getting serviced. 
Our truck (thanks to
   Ravi), is more rugged than our old one, but it still needs regular maintenance.  In 2022 we paid         20,000 pesos for new tires, and another 10,000 pesos for essential repairs;
-  Financial support to pay for the office expenses for WiFi (so students can do
   their homework), electric bills, gas and electric for cooking;

-  Clean drinking water for the Kids' Kitchens - the cost is around 1,700 pesos a week.
-  The ongoing costs of supplies used for First Aid (First Response) at our medical
-  Ongoing projects that give people in these areas ways to make a living, with pride.
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