Our Jewelry making project - "Women helping Women" - “Mujeres Apoyando y Ayudando”
We were able to buy the initial supplies, tools and furniture, thanks to a grant provided by the St. Andrew's Anglican Church, Outreach Grant Program. 
In 2017, we started the jewelry making program by having five women trained to make earrings, thanks to Mony and Mary-Ellen of el Corazon creativo for this training (and we're sad they closed their store).  The original five women created a "collectivo" which meant the women shared sales and expenses.  The original group of women earned over 12,000 pesos from sales up until end of 2019, so this was a welcome form of income.  Later training was provided so that the women were making necklaces, rosaries as well as bracelets. 
Poco a Poco volunteers organize the sales in various stores in Ajijic because the women can't sell their work locally as there is no market for them there - no one has money for food, let alone jewelry.
When we have events where they are able to attend, they help with sales, but the bus fare is expensive for them to get to Chapala or Ajijic.
Since April 2019, we have been training 6 new ladies in San Pedro Itzicán, together with one of the ladies from La Cuesta.  We are most grateful to our trainer Barbara Passarello, who has been taught more sophisticated skills and donated many wonderful supplies.  We are also grateful to teachers Doris Wakeman, Lydia Cortez, Lois Cugini and Colleen Graham.  

We also really appreciate all the items that have been donated to this project, from beads and supplies, to old jewelry that can be "re-invented".  All this helps our ladies learn and become creative.  Thank you.
 We now have display racks at Lois Cugini's Boutique, Diane Pearl's Boutique in Ajijic, Bella Vida Boutique and Kinda Bazaar in Riberas. We are most grateful to these owners for allowing us to display the work of these ladies.  So do go and buy some!
On August 2019, we were fortunate to have a new teacher join the class - Bobbie Lancaster.  We really appreciated his guidance with Barbara Passerello, on learning crimping!  And of course Lydia Cortez who is essential to helping with translation and jewelry making!
If you have an event where we might sell our jewelry, please let us know, we'd love to be there! And if you are clearing out your stock of jewelry supplies, we would love them! Just contact us!

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