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Our Jewelry making project - "Women helping Women" - “Mujeres Apoyando y Ayudando”
We have been teaching jewelry making to various women since 2017.  But we restarted in December 2021 with Mary-Ellen Rushworth helping us again.  We are grateful for all the time and work she has put into teaching.  She has been amazing! 
The monies the men and women have earned is encouraging them to listen and learn - and Mary Ellen is so much fun and creative to work with!

The women have learned all about real gemstones and their meanings.  Their first collection focused on jade, amethyst, onyx, carnelian, turquoise, aquamarine and unakite.

We are all so proud of their work and Mary Ellen is having a lots of creative fun with them.

Below is a photo of the display at Kinda Bazaar in Riberas ...   just by the cash desk.  Do go check it out and buy something! 

new jewelry display at KB April 2022.jpg
A huge thank you to Andrea Miller at @Its Kinda Bazaar.. and Kinda Not! from us all at Poco a Poco, for the opportunity she’s given this team, and for absorbing the consignment fees so more money goes to the families.

And our grateful thanks to Mary Ellen for taking the time and energy to volunteer!
If you have an event where we might sell our jewelry, please let us know, we'd love to be there! And if you are clearing out your stock of jewelry supplies, we would love them! Just contact us!
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