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Working with Niños Incapacitados 

Update May 2019:  We are most grateful for Niños Incapacitados accepting three children from San Pedro Itzicán into their program.  This will be such a help to these families. (Niños Incapacitados help families with the medical expenses, tests, medications and transport to get them to the Hospital Civil or other services in Guadalajara). 


Last Wednesday (May 8), Anita, the Brigada leader, drove all the families to Niños Clinic in Chapala and back (had to borrow a battery as her truck had died yet again this week), but the cost by bus for a mother and child, is around 100 pesos each way.  That 200 pesos is probably all they have to feed their family for five days, so not a possibility for these families who are so poor.


So Anita driving them, as well as aiding them through the whole registration process, is the most economical and helpful way for the families to get there and understand the process.

And this is Horicio, who is 16 years old.  He is now blind.  Initially he had some kind of bacterial infection that caused other problems, and has now lost his sight.  Because of this, he is no longer able to attend school - but that has meant he has lost his insurance coverage under the school system.  We hope that he can be covered for his upcoming tests by Niños Incapacitados when they hold their next clinic in Chapala on Wednesday, 22 May.
I can only imagine the struggles this young man, still a teenager, is going through.  It's a sad situation.
If you want to help in some way, please consider donating to our Emergency Health Fund.  Just click on the donate button to take you to PayPal, or email us and we will pick up your donation.  Thank you.
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