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On-going projects


In September 2023, we had a total of six students taking nursing assistant classes each week, in Chapala. 


Some of the students are now doing their community service work (each of them, 150 hours) by helping in our San Pedro medical clinic or assisting the Lila K dentist in San Pedro.  They are also learning and having to practice the importance of cleanliness, attention to detail, etc. 


Before these students can graduate and receive their certification, they also must perform 500 hours of “hands-on” practical experience at an accredited health institution. This is especially financially challenging for them, because of their being so many hours to perform this non-paid work and pay travel expenses.  (We suspect that this will be the most challenging part of them actually getting their certifications.)


The nursing students include four moms, a dad and a young single man.   All have been helping their communities before entering the nursing program.

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Ongoing support is needed for these students to finish and receive their certifications.  

Some of these students have been receiving direct financial support to pay for their courses, exams, supplies, uniforms and other incidentals related to their training.   We are most grateful to two private

donors and the organization, Work, Play, Love for this valuable support. 


In return, the students are all expected to provide some voluntary time to give back to the community, preferably in their new field of nursing or nurse checkups, or helping with the special children’s classes, in one form or another.

Work, Play, Love donations flow through us at Poco a Poco and we help administer the nursing students’ stipends and school fees, as well as communication with the nursing school.  Thank you, Laura M and Lydia, for helping with the administration of this program and coordinating with the school. 


Poco a Poco also help pay towards last minute, extra student supplies that are needed, or extra classes, etc. 


Thank you, Kim, of Work, Play, Love as well as Gary and Donna, and the Lila K Foundation for all your support.  This education will improve their future working possibilities beyond their dreams.

If you would like to sponsor a young adult with further education, please contact us!
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