Who are we?  Poco a Poco San Pedro
The founders of "Poco a Poco San Pedro" are a group of ex-pat retirees living around Ajijic in Jalisco.  They all saw a real need for help in San Pedro Itzicán, Mezcala, and the surrounding communities.  The regular volunteers are a mix of ex-pats and Mexican nationals, and we welcome all volunteers!
We starting working as Poco a Poco San Pedro in 2016, helping with a number of local projects aimed at helping the local communities gain skills and education, grow food, distribute donated clothes, provide medical assistance, and guided other organizations towards helping people in the area.  But all the work in helping the communities was via the Brigada, because they were the group working and living in the area and they know the needs of the community.
The volunteers of Poco a Poco San Pedro work as a partner with the Brigada A.C.  The Brigada is an official Mexican charitable organization with A.C. status and Poco a Poco work directly through the Brigada for all financial transactions. 
Please click here to read more about the Brigada.
Volunteers from Ajijic and Chapala drive regularly to the San Pedro Itzican, and to various villages nearby.
In 2017, Poco a Poco was donated a truck, which was turned over to the Brigada for the use of the Brigadista leader, Anita.  She drives people to events or to hospitals in emergencies, and uses the truck to access the more remote villages.  But gas costs money, and the roads are tough on cars, so repairs are constantly needed.  And as we often ask Anita for help checking things out for our projects, we have to provide gas money for this. 
Please contact us if you would like to assist in any way.  A newer truck would be wonderful as the current rear-wheel drive 14 year old truck, is expensive on gas and it can't cope with hills (and needs a lot of maintenance).  It's just no longer reliable.
If you want to contact one of us directly, please call Francisco Nava - (52) 333-599-2260 (he is bi-lingual), Doris Wakeman - 332-259-0087, Kari Higgins - 333-820-4927, or Patricia Moran - 331-713-0759.