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cutting the opening ribbon by BD 8 May 2024 smaller.jpg

Inauguration of the kitchen and dining room, 8 May 2024 at the Community Center Poco a Poco

The ribbon was cut and it's officially open!  The kitchen is now fully functional and the area is filled with children, five days a week; eagerly enjoying the food that is given to them. 

Some of the wonderful volunteers and team members of Poco a Poco, from Sunrise Rotary, the Lila K Foundation and the University Tec of Monterrey

Some of us outside the kitchen.jpg

Various photos from the event.  The cooks love the new pots and pans that were donated recently by Empresa Oxxo.

Anita and little girl.jpg
Some of the children eating.jpg

Huge thanks to photographer Bruce Dugdale, and other kind people who provided photos at this event.

girl hand over mouthBD.jpg
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