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Visiting San Pedro Itzican and surrounding areas
Some people who have lived in Ajijic or Chapala for many years, have never actually heard or visited San Pedro Itzicán or any of the tiny villages nearby.  Yet these villages are also on Lake Chapala.  The scenery there is stunning and as yet unspoiled - except for the garbage....  But because these communities are somewhat remote, change has not come to these areas.
Poco a Poco supports many activities and programs that benefit the communities around San Pedro Itzicán.  They really need help and support.   These are indigenous communities, who lack education, services and support.  Health issues, poor nutrition, and little work, together with many social issues, make it hard for these communities to survive.  People are willing to learn and work, but its not easy for them because of the lack of education, and money to make a change to their lives.  All they have is their home - even if it is only a shack of tarp.  
If you are interested in visiting the area to see if you can assist in some way, please contact us.  Our volunteers are going there frequently and can guide you.
If you would like to volunteer, we would love your help.  People willing to drive are always very helpful.  And bi-lingual volunteers are always very much appreciated! Please contact us!
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