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No fundraising events planned for May onwards 2024 - yet...

Our Fundraising Event held on Saturday, May 18, 2024 sold lots of plants, women's clothing, jewelry and other items.  Thank you everyone who attended and donated items for sale!

We did hold a very successful fundraising event on March 27, 2024 for only 40 people at Emmanuel's Experiences restaurant in West Ajijic. 


The sole purpose of this event was to raise funds for food our Kids' Diner in San Pedro Itzicán where we feed over 160 children, five days a week. 


We didn't have a chance to advertise this event because it sold out immediately - which was wonderful!  But our apologies to anyone who missed it.

We raised enough funds to feed the children for 10 weeks.  So funds raised at the plant and bazaar event in May 2024 will help for a few more weeks.

Our grateful thanks to the many donors who helped fund this fun event:  Sheila, Jan, and many others. 


And to the volunteers to stepped up to help:  especially Carrie who chaired the event, and of course Doris, Janet, Jean, Robert, Francisco, Peter and Charles.

So what do we need?  More fundraising!  
And YOU could be our fundraising coordinator! 

If you think you can help us in any way, please get in touch!

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