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Fundraising is on-going in order to continue our projects and support the valuable work of the Brigada. 
This was a joint event with the Tepeuhua Community Center and Poco a Poco San Pedro.  But due to the risks and warnings from the Jalisco Government, we have postponed this event.
If you have already purchased your tickets, please contact us so we can arrange reimbursement. 
If you would still like to support us by donating your ticket, we would be most grateful.  Our needs are even more now with these increased risks for renal patients.
Our next event will be later in April 2020 - depending on health issues at that time.  It will be a plant sale to raise funds to develop the vivero in San Pedro Itizican.  We will post more information on this nearer the time.
If you would like to help with this, we are always looking for seeds and cuttings, so that we can teach the youth to nurture, develop and then have these plants for sale at this event.

If you want to help us in any way with fundraising ideas, please contact us!  We can always do with help!

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