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We are building a community centre in San Pedro Itzicán!

In 2021, with the help of Anita Torres (a local resident of San Pedro Itzicán and part of our “Poco a Poco team”) we purchased a small piece of land (20 x 20 meters - 4,300 square feet) in San Pedro Itzicán.  There were many delays and difficulties in doing this, (because this is an indigenous area), but finally, special permission to pay for the land was given to us.  But the land and the Community Center building will belong to the community in perpetuity.  Foreigners and even Mexican nationals, who do not have ancestral ties to the area, cannot buy land; the elders are the ones to decide these things.  That was fine with us.

We are so grateful to M. Arq. Ignacio G. Osuna Eskenazi, (Nacho), Professor at the School of Architecture, at the Campus Guadalajara, Tec de Monterrey University, for focusing the whole semester of his architectural students on this project, in order to support us.

Below is the selected design, which was challenging, because of the different elevations of the land.  There will be a few changes as building happens, because of the challenging terrain and the many large boulders. 

“Nacho” and his fellow university colleagues worked hard on this project, with students and faculty members all visiting the site, multiple times, hosting community center design workshops with local children and adults while getting to know the local community individuals as well.  

Over 39 students and seven faculty members worked on this project, creating amazing designs.  W visited the Architectural Department at the University, and were presented with six final designs for review.  Then the students and faculty members visited the community for their input, in order to finalize the choice. 

Chosen design1.jpg

This is the final design that was chosen by our committee, as well as the community leaders in San Pedro.

Building of the community center in progress

Building started in May 2023, first with a bodega (which will be multi-purpose room in its later life).  For now it's storing building supplies as well as items donated to the community, including firefighting uniforms, CPR equipment, donated equipment for the kitchen, and musical instruments. 


Unfortunately the local digger is broken, so everything has been dug out by hand, including the holes for the water cistern and the septic tank system.

Starting the base of the bodega

the start of the bodega

lots of work on the bodega

Starting work on the bodega May 2023

Photos 30 May of bodega being built on CC land

Starting the bodega

Walls are up - roof next


bodega without windows

The bodega (multi-purpose room). Just a door for security for now.

retaining wall 23 Sep 23 1

Retaining wall

The cistern being lowered into the brick enclosure

Water cistern being lowered into hole

The new kitchen area

Starting to build the kitchen

the kitchen with the boulder

Start of the kitchen with the huge boulder that had to be broken up

view from Anitas terrace on 23 Sept 2023

The retaining wall and the multipurpose room on the left

The new kitchen under construction

The roof is on the kitchen!

16 Nov ceiling of kitchen

The kitchen ceiling being finished

Thank you St Andrew's Outreach program of St Andrew's Anglican Church, for supporting the tiling of the kitchen, toilets and the roll up window in the kitchen.

The window and door for the kitchen are being made, and the tiling of the walls and floor will be next.

Thank you San Diego Rotary Breakfast Club and an anonymous donor!   Because of your combined generosity, we can now build the toilets. One wheelchair accessible and one regular toilet, with shared sinks outside. 


This photo shows the clearing of the area for the walls to be built.

The design is below. 

toilet futures.jpeg
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