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Eye testing and glasses program

Our most grateful thanks to Dr. Salvador Borrayo Martinez of Lakeside Optometry, for volunteering his time to provide free eye tests to these people in San Pedro Itzicán, and to Vinnie who raises money to pay for the frames and prescription lenses.  They have both been volunteering since 2020.  Dr Salvador's focus is helping low-income children and adults with their vision.
Anita and Dr Salvador.jpg

Thank you to Anita, Vinnie and Dr Salvador for helping to organize this program for the local community.

He has worked with the San Pedro Secondary School students and their teachers (as the teachers are often the ones who know who is in real need of glasses), as well as other people who Anita has identified as needing glasses.  

But we always need more glasses!  Old or new!
Salvador testing in April 2023.jpg

These pictures are from May 2024

If you have any reading glasses, or prescription glasses you no longer use, please consider donating them!  Adults also need glasses and Dr Salvador can check or modify them to fit the needs of each person.  Or if you want to drop glasses off at his office you can find him at Lakeside Optometry Ajijic, Hidalgo #6-A (just off the main Ajijic plaza) - Tel: 376 766 5340.
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