Eye testing and glasses program

Thanks to some new volunteers, two eye testing and glasses distributions have taken place in in San Pedro Itzicán. on January 29 and February 5, 2020.  The focus is on helping low-income children in need, but some adults were also assisted.  
Anita and Dr Salvador.jpg
Our most grateful thanks to Dr. Salvador Borrayo Martinez of Lakeside Optometry, for volunteering his time to test these people in San Pedro Itzicán. 
He saw 30 patients on January 29, and another 37 students from the Secondary School on February 5.  Next week will include more students with their teacher (as they are the ones who know who is in need of glasses).  Dr Salvador also brought back fitted prescription glasses for 21 people and gave out a lot of the donated reading glasses. 
But we need more glasses!  The need is great!
Thank you to Anita for helping to organize this program with the local community.
As we were donated some brand new reading glasses (thanks Joan!), Dr Salvador was able to offer these to some of the older people who attended the program.  They were delighted!
If you have any reading glasses, or prescription glasses you no longer use, please consider donating them!  We can certainly use them and Dr Salvador can check or modify them to fit the needs of each person.