Poco a Poco San Pedro would like to thank all  the donors, supporters and volunteers!
Poco and Poco would like to give special thanks to:
  • Doris and Peter Wakeman
  • Francisco Nava
  • Kari and Jim Higgins
  • Patricia Moran
  • Lydia Cortez
  • Señor J. Trinidad Lopez Rivas
  • The Brigada leader, Anita Torres Guerrero
  • Carmen and Alfredo Bentivoglio
  • Barbara Passarello
  • Maggee Moran
  • Dory Hilkes
  • Claudette Champagne
  • Lydia Cortes
  • Karl and Janet Dyer
  • Frank and Ros Ewer
  • Celina Haramis
  • Joyce and David McNiven
  • Mary Anne Moulinari
  • Margaret and Brian Quinn
  • Monica Sagastuy
  • Peter Wakeman
  • Bev and Mel Kephart
  • Luci Merritt
  • Valerie Abernathy
  • Mary Heed
  • Jane Hainsworth
  • Sue Williams
  • Rita Phillips
  • Deborah March
  • Carmen Bentivoglio
  • Janet Weeks
  • Pam Davies
  • Val Orlick
  • Sue Turner 
  • Anne McNamara
  • Jan Clayton-Miller
  • Maru Kent
  • Rita Graham
  • Maritza Freyslinger
  • Colleen Graham
  • Darlene and Dave Pike
  • Paula Whittingham
  • Barbara Reinhart
  • Sharon Neri
  • Kathy Scott Knight
  • Karen Lingo
  • Georgia and Lee Barneburg
  • Jan Manning
  • Vickie and Vince Molina
  • Lois Gowers
  • Connie Ondola
  • Monica Brittain
  • Collette Clavadetscher
  • Lupita Campbell
  • Vinnie
  • Joan Montgomery
  • All our "Chicken Chicks"
Poco a Poco would like to thank these valuable supporter-businesses and organizations
  • Rodrigo Lopez of Innovacion Salon
  • Niños Incapacitados (for helping children from the area)
  • Sofia of Fiaga Boutique
  • Lois Cugini of Cugini's Boutique
  • Total Body Care - Angie 
  • Stratford Rotary Club of Ontario
  • Foundation of Lake Chapala Charities
  • St. Andrew's Outreach Program
  • The Shriners (for helping children from the area)
  • The Garden Center - Laura Ortiz Calderon
  • Ismat and Gaby of Gossips' Restaurant
  • The Municipality of Chapala
  • The Municipality of Poncitlan
  • The Secretary for Development, Jalisco
  • The Lake Chapala Society
  • The International Institute of Chapala
  • Sunrise Rotary
  • Ajijic Rotary
  • Todo Bueno
  • Mujeres del Lago Facebook
  • Gringos Ajijic and Lakeside Facebook
  • Kinda Bazaar and Kinda Not
  • Tepehua Community Center
  • Bistro GO
  • Roberto’s Restaurant
  • School for Special Needs Children
  • (J.P.) John Paul Dwyer 
  • La Cochera Cultural
  • The Lake Chapala Garden Club
  • Villa del Angel
  • The Tuesday Market vendors
  • The T-Shirt Shop Ajijic (Bruno Mariscal)
  • Dr Salvador Borrayo Martinez, Optometrist
  • Center for Spiritual Living, Las Cruces, New Mexico
  • FoodBank Lakeside
  • Lake Chapala Jewish Congregation
  • Pet Food Lakeside
  • Lakeside BOGO
  • Nameste Lake Chapala
  • Lake Chapala Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
Poco a Poco is most grateful to so many individuals who continue to contribute, via cash donations or by donating goods.  Your donations are being used to create and start many local projects.
The donated clothes, household goods etc., are used by the Brigada in their bazaar, to raise funds for office expenses and the after-school meal program.  Some of these items are set aside to be given to families in the greatest need.
Thank you everyone!

© 2018, 2019 and 2020 by  "Poco a Poco" San Pedro Itzican

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