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Knitting Project

In 2017, some of the women in la Peña asked if we could teach them to knit.  So with the help of a number of talented volunteers, and one translator, we started up.  


The women started making small squares in plain stitch and then moved on to making scarves and shawls. 

Regular classes were held in La Peña for 18 months but it became more and more evident that they were stuck on being able to only make very simple designs because they could not follow a pattern (we tried everything)!   They were fine if we were there helping, but they could not do much on their own.  They explained that they could not follow instructions, but it may have been more they couldn't read very well.


So since September 2019 we are concentrating our time teaching the youth and adults in San Pedro Itzicán.  



One kind donor, Deborah March, ordered from our "wish list" and purchased some great knitting supplies for the program.  

Thank you so much Deborah!

Thanks to all our great volunteers:  Lydia Cortez, Doris Wakeman, Pam Davis, Val Orlick, Anne McNamara, Rita Graham, Sue, Debbie Hill, Jane Barratt and Kathy Scott Knight.  


We also appreciated Rita Phillips teaching the children English!  They loved it!

So in San Pedro Itzicán we are again teaching knitting basics.  And we have two young men also learning. 

New knitting group in San Pedro 1(450 x
Knitting group SPI.jpg
Making progress October 2019.jpg

We have received a lot of yarn and needles from so many generous people.  (And thank you especially to Rita Graham for her expertise!)


Thank you all so much! 


But as we are expanding this program, more supplies are always needed.  If you have any supplies we could use, please contact us.  

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