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Our "Vivero La Esperanza" in San Juan Tecomatlán and develpment of a new one in San Pedro Itzicán

Our "Vivero La Esperanza" in San Juan Tecomatlán has officially moved.  During covid, when we couldn't go out regularly ourselves, we ran into issues with lack of water, theft, stray horses, cows and chickens eating our plants, so we moved the Vivero a block west to the property of the Diaz family.  They have a large, fenced in area on their property, complete with dogs and kids to watch over our plants and efforts.
Thanks to a grant received from the Lake Chapala Charities in 2018, we had two metal frames built with shade material for the area, for planting seedlings and protecting shade plants.  These structures have now been moved (May 2021).  

Two shade structures will now be used in the new Vivero San Pedro Itizicán and in another location as yet not determined - but they won't go to waste!

Shade Structure Removal.jpg
Lots of work to take the structures down and moved!

Francisco has a great blog about the progress of the vivero:  click here to reach it.

We had two years of growing organic food, weekly classes, numerous celebrations, lots of growth and sharing.  We are grateful to the people of San Juan Tecomatlán for having hosted our Vivero La Esperanza.  It was sad to say Adieu to the original vivero site, but as nature would have it, it will germinate in another, more secure and loved place.

A special Thank You to all the wonderful volunteers who contributed to our two years of growth...we could not have done it without you!  And huge thanks to Franciso Nava and Brad Mowers for working so hard on this project.

Vivero Sign 1.jpg

We were so grateful in March 2019 to receive two donations from the Lake Chapala Garden Club which allowed us to pay for a door to be made on the unfinished building next the the vivero, so that it can be used to store tools, etc., as well as purchase lots more topsoil.  (The lot was once used for dug up material when the road was built, so every time we dug, we hit construction material.  Thus top soil was needed for raised beds.)

LCGC Checkj.jpg

The vision for San Pedro Itzicán is to have a nursery where we can grow from seed organic plants to feed our communities, and grow enough plants to have a surplus to sell for a profit to cover the working costs of the nursery.  This will be run by the local women and youth under the direction of Francisco Nava.

The first thing in the new site will be to fence it in.  Given our experience in San Juan Tecomatán with animal damage, etc., this is where we need to use our funds.  


These are some of the photos taken at the San Juan Tecomatlán original site.  Wonderful classes and involvement from the community!

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