Our "Vivero La Esperanza" in San Juan Tecomatlán de Los Chiles Verdes

Francisco has a great blog about the progress of the vivero:  click here to reach it.

Thanks to a grant received from the Lake Chapala Charities in 2018, we were able to start to develop some land in San Juan Tecomatlán - now named the "Vivero La Esperanza".  The grant enabled us to have two metal frames built with shade material for the area, for planting seedlings and protecting shade plants.  You can see below some of the photos as the project has "grown" under the leadership of Francisco Nava.

In March 2019, we were very fortunate to receive two donations from the Lake Chapala Garden Club which allowed us to pay for a door to be made on the unfinished building next the the vivero, so that it can be used to store tools, etc., as well as purchase lots more topsoil.  (The lot was once used for dug up material when the road was built, so every time we dug, we hit construction material.  Thus top soil was needed for raised beds.)

This is the lot after the Brigada youth cleared the land and removed garbage. 

Our vision is to have a nursery where we can grow from seed organic plants to feed our communities, and grow enough plants to have a surplus to sell for a profit to cover the working costs of the nursery.  This will be run by the local Brigada youth under the direction of Francisco Nava.

At the beginning a lot of time was spent clearing out large concrete blocks and discovered from neighbors that the lot was used during the road construction.  So in February, we resorted to a dirt delivery and bobcat leveling the area.  A lot quicker!  Our sincere thanks to (J.) John Paul Dwyer for this donation of material and time.


Do watch this May 2019 YouTube video prepared by one of our new volunteers - Sam Laundon - about the vivero. https://youtu.be/rspWWJsrl2U

Harvest in August
Fresh veggies!
Great harvest!
August plants
New cuttings being planted
New lessons being learned
Volunteers & youth May 2019
Priscilla teaching pot cutting
First crops!
Dump Truck delivering dirt
Baby Bobcat leveling the dirt
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