Lending Library

Neila in San Pedro for the first time.jp

The leader and organizer of the Lending Library is Neila Nazarko who first of all helped us organize the books that had already been donated.  It was a mess!

Neila and Luci and books.jpg

We had shelves made to better organize the area.  It's looking a lot better!

Below, Rick is reading to the kids


Here is José, one of the Brigada leaders, helping children with their homework.

Neila wants to get enough Spanish books for the children so they can sign out books for a week or two.  And get them accustomed to looking after things they are loaned.  

But we need Spanish children's books!  If you have any, please consider donating some to our program!  Or if you want to purchase some, contact Neila to find out which books would be best.