Lending Library:  new edition 2021!

For a long time we have been trying to get a lending library started in San Pedro.  Encouraging children to read is really important!  But Covid disrupted those initial plans!
As of November 2021, we have moved the library from the Brigada office to the San Pedro Community building.  It looks very organized and ready for action!  This program will be targeting the children that come for the meal in the Kids Kitchen.

The children that receive food via the Kids Kitchens in three locations, now also are part of the activities program.  So they get encouragement in reading, writing and other activities, under the guidance of Lupita. 

Neila in San Pedro for the first time.jp

In 2019, volunteer Neila Nazarko organized the books that had already been donated in the Brigada office.  It was a mess! 


And then we received many more books during 2020 but the Brigada building was closed, so the library program was closed as well.


Now the books are well organized in the new SPI building.


Here is José, one of the Brigada leaders, helping children with their homework.

This was Rick, one of our volunteers (before Covid) reading to the kids

We always need Spanish children's books!  If you have any, please consider donating some to our program!