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Join our 2019 FoodShare Program for the needy residents of San Pedro Itzicán 

Last year's rainy season and this one have been a bonus for our Lake Chapala.  But the high levels of the lake created problems in the areas east of Chapala, especially in San Pedro Itzicán.   They lost land where they were growing crops near their homes on the steep mountainside.  They depend on those crops of corn and chayote to make a living.   

Since November 2018, one of our wonderful volunteers, has been getting donations to provide monthly deliveries of fresh vegetables and fruit, dry goods of beans, rice, and other needed supplies that are given to families most in need.  Many really poor families need this help as they have no one else to help them.
Do watch this new video about the FoodShare program
We are reaching out to ask if you can donate towards some food and dry goods, which we organize once a month. The Brigada leader, Anita has an arrangement with a company in Poncitlan that provides fresh fruit, vegetables and dry goods in bulk for us, so that every peso we raise can provide as much as possible in food.  (It's much cheaper than buying it in Ajijic or Chapala.)
If you can support this program we would be most grateful.  Right now (August 2019), we are supporting 40 families (one family has 16 people in it).  They really need help.  We are trying to raise 3,000 pesos a month to provide some basic food supplies to these families.  If you can help us, and would consider supporting us - just email us here and we will get back to you.
But what is also wonderful about this Foodshare program is, because of our "A Hand up not a hand out", all these families receiving dispenses provide volunteer work in their community - such as clearing areas of garbage or helping with other projects.  So they are finding pride. 
Besides food, if you have anything to donate, we will pick up your donations, or you can drop them off at Total Body Care, on Ocampo #33, or to the Maison Don Qujote, on Zaragoza # 29, in Ajijic.  Please mark your donations for "Poco a Poco" and we will make sure they are delivered, via the Brigada, to people in need.
Many people in these communities are facing many medical issues - especially renal failure.  They have lost over 6 youth this year and 56 people have been identified as having the disease.  Many are young children!  This is terrible!  Children aged 5 years of age are already showing signs of renal failure. 
(The most usual cause for this is 1.  genetics, 2.  pollution and 3. malnutrition.) 
We can't do much about genetics (these small communities have many inter-family marriages), and pollution is probably due to the water from the lake where they bathe and drink the water if they have no money for bottled water, and of course malnutrition.  Young children, if not provided with enough protein and fresh vegetables or fruit, are very susceptible to renal failure.  We are seeing this daily.  So sad.

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