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Supplies Needed!

We are always looking for supplies for our different projects and to support ones that the brigada are helping.  You will often see a list on some of the project pages, but here is a list by project, of all the items we are looking for right now.

To learn about medical supplies that are needed, please click this link.

This is the list of current items needed:


1-Jeringas de 3mil verdes y negras

2-vendas de todas las mediadas
3-gasas de todas las medias
4-isodine antiseptico
5-hidrocortizona inyectable -se utiliza para piquete de alacran
6-cloropiramida inyectable- se utiliza para picadura de alacran
7-betamezona ,clorotimazol,gentamicina crema se uilza para las infecciones de la piel de los niños
8-paracetamol gotas pediatricas
9- metamizol jarabe
10- loratadina jarabe
11-ambroxol jaabe
12-vitaminas para niños
13- complejo b inyectable
14-medformina con glibencamida tab.
15-paracetamol jarabe

For Poco a Poco ongoing projects, these are items that we need:

We are urgently looking to replace the aging truck. 

It was not designed for the hills and road conditions in and around San Pedro Itzicán.  We have spent so much money maintaining the exisiting 14 year old donated truck, but it just is so unreliable that we cannot rely on it any longer.  

Without a truck Anita will have no transport to reach the different towns to do her work or to help people in emergencies.

If you know of someone who is no longer able to use their car, we would sell it towards a newer, stronger truck. 

  • For the knitting project we are always looking for donated yarn and needles.  Cotton yarn is made into dishcloths and they sell well.  Any yarn you donate we will use in some way!  We also need VOLUNTEERS!  Especially Spanish speaking volunteers (with or without knitting experience).  When the snowbirds are out of town, we miss them!  And we need more help.  If you have time available, please contact us.  We would also like to expand the training to include crochet - but we need trainers and Spanish helpers as well.

  • For the Planting program, we are always looking for garden tools, large pots, compost, fertilizer, and SEEDS!   We are looking for potting tables, Tinacas, canopy material and a water pump.   Contact us if you have anything to donate.  Thank you.

  • For the music project  we are looking for musical instruments - right now the focus is on guitars or ukeleles.  But anything and everything is most welcome!  Thank you.

  • More volunteers for the English lessons would be great to help our Ron and Shannon. If you can help in any way please let us know.  

  • Sewing lessons have restarted, thanks to Sonia of Fiaga Boutique and Tara of the Tepehua Communtiyt Center.    We have some great ideas of things to make!  We also need someone to help service the sewing machines....

  • In order to continue the paper making project, we need funds to have more decal/frames made and the basic supplies purchased. We also need large plastic boxes (with lids) to put the paper mulch in, and at least one blender to mix the paper and water.  If you have any of these supplies available, do let us know.

  • The computer lessons are being run in San Pedro but they need some laptops.  Thank you Tom Milner for trying to get some of the desktops working, but sadly they are pretty old and difficult to maintain.  The students need to learn keyboarding, then Word, Excel and Powerpoint.  We don't need to teach internet searches and email because they use their phones for this.  If you have any items to donate or can teach courses, do contact us.

  • For the hairdressing project we are always looking for hair straighteners, hair clips, kirby grips, hair curlers, heated rollers, styling brushes, gel, shampoos, conditioners, hair spray, towels, etc. 


For the make-up classes, we need all types of make-up, make-up boxes, false eyelashes, lipstick, creams, make-up remover creams, etc.  They also love nail varnish, nail varnish remover, etc.  Rodrigo has found a full make-up kit for 800 pesos, but this is beyond the financial reach of these ladies.  But some good portable storage boxes and basic cosmetics for each of them would be a start.  If you have any ideas on how to help, do contact us!  The women love the course with Rodrigo and are making wonderful hair designs!

  • We are always looking for donations of clothing, kitchen and household goods, linen, blankets, office supplies, children's toys, books in Spanish for kids, among other things. 


The clothing, household goods, linen and blankets sold where possible to raise funds to pay for the office expenses, but some is given to people in dire need. 

Office supplies are needed for the brigada office and for the students for their homework and after school programs.

Children's toys and books in Spanish are used for the after school programs. 

  • Some of the women in the FoodShare program, have started baking in an oven they made.  Supplies are always appreciated so they can keep their costs low and earn some money.

The Brigada is always looking for:

  • Storage boxes

  • Storage racks

  • Garbage bags

  • Protective gloves

  • Linen

  • Household items and

  • Furniture (we will pick up)

If you are able to donate any of these items, please let us know so we can arrange pick up.

Making the oven in San Pedro.jpg
Food is always needed so that we can continue our FoodShare program.
Anita has started an after-school food program for the hungry children.  Given that many of these children only have one meal a day, they are always hungry.
Happy day.jpeg
Thank you!
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