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Supplies Needed!

We are always looking for supplies for our different projects and to support ones that we are helping.  

To learn about medical supplies that are needed, please click this link.

This is the list of current items needed:


1-Jeringas de 3mil verdes y negras

2-vendas de todas las mediadas
3-gasas de todas las medias
4-isodine antiseptico
5-hidrocortizona inyectable -se utiliza para piquete de alacran
6-cloropiramida inyectable- se utiliza para picadura de alacran
7-betamezona ,clorotimazol,gentamicina crema se uilza para las infecciones de la piel de los niños
8-paracetamol gotas pediatricas
9- metamizol jarabe
10- loratadina jarabe
11-ambroxol jaabe
12-vitaminas para niños
13- complejo b inyectable
14-medformina con glibencamida tab.
15-paracetamol jarabe

For Poco a Poco ongoing projects, these are items that we need:
  • Donations of household goods, furniture, vitamins and medicines, donations of clothing, kitchen and household goods, linen, blankets and office supplies.  We will take anything being removed from your home during renovations, as Anita will find a new home for everything! 

  • Anita runs a small store in San Pedro where items are sold for very little (as no one has money), and the proceeds are used to pay for food for the Kids' Kitchen at her home, or else towards hemodialysis treatments for people who cannot afford them.

  • To continue the Planting program, we are always looking for garden tools, large pots, compost, fertilizer, and SEEDS!   We are looking for potting tables, Tinacas, canopy material and a water pump.   Contact us if you have anything to donate.  Thank you.

  • People willing to drive volunteers to programs - and yes, either get involved with the programs or wait until the program has finished.

  • Someone to maintain the sewing machines so that we can restart those once the community center is finished.

  • Working computers to be donated for the students.  And help with the cost of WiFi (no Telmex available in the villages).  

  • We are always looking for children's toys, books in Spanish for kids, among other things. 

  • Anyone out there who could teach chess?

  • Any volunteers willing to give art classes?

We are always looking for:

  • Storage boxes

  • Storage racks

  • Garbage bags

  • Protective gloves

  • Clorox

  • Washing powder

  • Household items and

  • Furniture (we will pick up)

If you are able to donate any of these items, please let us know so we can arrange pick up.

And of course, Food is always needed so that we can continue feeding children. Given that many of these children only have one meal a day, they are always hungry.
Families appreciate receiving despensas of food basics.  Anita knows who is in real need - so your donations go the right people.
Thank you!
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