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Music Program

In December 2017, Poco a Poco started a Music Program in La Peña - an area just before the town of San Pedro Itzican.  As you can see, its not just the children that enjoyed this!

Our most grateful thanks to Yanin, ChuyGil and Doris, for making this project work. 


We would especially like to thank Dan Aitken for providing the seed money for this project to start.  We also would like to thank others who donated musical instruments to this project.

Gil y Xochitl 2 Aug 2018.jpg

We are looking for more musical instruments if anyone has any to donate.  More guitars would be nice, flutes, recorders, drums - or whatever you have!  Just contact us about this.  Many thanks.

Music with Pedro.jpg

In 2019, Pedro Morena joined as a volunteer and works with the children, teaching them music, both to read and sing music.

Our thanks to Timothy G. Ruff Welch for donating the staff paper for these classes in February 2020.

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