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Artisanal Paper Making Workshop

In December 2017, Maestro Brad "Mulch" Mowers, welcomed some of the Brigadistas and ladies from the towns of Las Cuesta and Ojo de Agua, into his studio to learn artisanal paper making.  

Brad started by showing them some of his work, and how artisanal paper can be used (in so many ways!).  It was really intriguing!

To say the participants were excited and keen would be an understatement.  They went away talking about what they could create and how and where they could sell it. 


Brad had planned for everyone to make four pieces of paper, but some made 10!  It was really rewarding and appreciated by everyone.  Our sincere thanks to Brad and Francisco, who prepared everything for the workshop and provided the beautiful additions (the natural elements of fresh and dried plant material).

You can see Mimi is proud of her creation!

Brad had so many creative ideas for everyone, so we do hope that we can get funds to create a start up workshop in the San Pedro area.

To continue with the learning, we do need to have the decals made (200 pesos each).  These are the wooden frames which are used to make the paper.  We also need white paper (or white shredded paper), large plastic containers, and blenders.

Thank you so much Francisco and Brad!

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