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Working with other organizations such as the International Institute of Chapala

We were very happy to meet with the Executive Director of the International Institute of Chapala - Lily Ehlebracht, and two of her colleagues, on Monday, August 6.  They want to see how their students can work with the San Pedro communities needing help.  

We have since provided a presentation to the seniors and teachers in the High School program of the Institute.  Click here for a link to their website.
In August, 2018, a number of students visited San Pedro Itzicán - playing baseball with the youth, helping with the reforestation project and teaching origami.  
They also initiated a program at their school, to raise funds for food and medicines for needy families in the San Pedro area.  Plus they were a huge help as they organized a visit from a doctor in Chapala who came out and diagnosed a wide-spread staff infection.  He also saw patients at his Chapala office.
We love that these students want to learn more about the poor areas of San Pedro, and are willing to help and work with the youth to give them new skills and interests.  We hope some of them might help us get the computer program up and working!  And English lessons!
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