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The Brigada Offices

During the three years the Brigada has been operating, they have used a number of different office spaces.  And each one has needed renovation.  But for various reasons, they have concilidated into one office in San Pedro Itzican. 

In early 2019, the Brigada office moved to the Fisherman's Union building, that had not been in use for some time.  So the land had to be cleared, the rooms cleaned of garbage, rooms painted, the roof fixed, and floors tiled.  It still is not connected up to running water, but at least now the electricity has been connected and fixed. 

20190311_132455 (600 x 450).jpg
Reye showing garden area (450 x 600).jpg
structure being built outside (600 x 450

Here is the yard at the side of the building when the Brigada first had access to it.

Thanks to a grant received from the Outreach Program of St. Andrew's Church in Riberas, part of the area outside was roofed in and here you see it being built.

Inside the main building we made a room for the sewing program, a room for FoodShare storage and for the jewelry program, and in the main room, the library, admin/office area, and room for groups of people.    In addition, they have a separate room for the medical exams and for dispensing medicines.

kitchen in October 2019 (600 x 450).jpg

Here is the new kitchen under the roofed area, with a tiled floor and kitchen cabinets, funded by donors helping with the FoodShare Program.

Anita with sign (450 x 600).jpg

Anita also had to find a new place to live, so she found a building to rent.  Thanks to some generous donors who funded the work needed on the building, downstairs is the bazaar and a hair dressing salon, with her residence upstairs.

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