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Spanish Reading program

In August 2019 we started thinking about a new program when we saw that the boys in San Pedro Itzicán especially, just have nothing to do when school is out or when school is finished for the day.

The children have no books, other than school books.  And they don't enjoy reading.  What a shame!  If they enjoyed reading a book for fun they might enjoy reading school books too.

And thanks to our wonderful community in Chapala/Ajijic, people donated Kindles they were not using.  Some were almost brand new!

Daniel with reading group.jpg

So we put the word out to see if anyone would donate used Kindles so we could start a reading program. 


(The Harry Potter books got my grandson into reading and by the time he was 10 he had read all 7 books and is now an avid reader.)

Daniel, one of the Brigada leaders, has started Spanish reading classes with the books Corazon de Gema and Il ira del Unicornio.  (All from Kindle Unlimited so we can install the same books on up to 8 Kindles.)


We would try this for a week or two and see who is really interested and wanting to hear more.  Then we would lend out the Kindles to the youth who are most interested and willing to be responsible for the loan of a Kindle.

The reading would continue more as a book club.  With get-togethers to allow the youth to talk about what they have read and help others understand the storyline.


We would love to find a sponsor of the program to pay for the Kindle Unlimited membership of $11 US per month.....  Click here if you might want to help....

José, another Brigada leader, is also helping the kids with their writing skills in Spanish and they meet up at least once a week.

Daniel and José are planning on starting their training to become teachers in early 2020.  So being a volunteer will help them a lot.

Thank you so much - Valerie, Luci, Claire, Mel and Bev, Jan, Jane, Judy and Mary.

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