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This is Maria Esmeralda, from San Pedro Itzicán (in April 2019),  who is 35 years of age.  She looks pregnant - but she wasn't. 
Read update below
She had a huge tumor in her uterus and it had been growing for 8 years.  She could hardly walk and it was affecting her bladder and other organs.  Poco a Poco volunteers approached Dr. Diego Herrera Perez of Quality Care in Ajijic, and asked him if he could help.  He immediately agreed and asked that Esmeralda make an appointment with him at his office at the public hospital in Guadalajara (Hospital Zoquipan).  He then arranged with the surgeons involved where the operation was performed, to waive their fees.
 Poco a Poco paid for Esmeralda's travel costs to and from Guadalajara for her visits and tests.  But the money for surgery wasn't in our budget.  The hospital performed the operation for a much reduced fee of 3,500 pesos (plus transport of 500 pesos and 1,000 pesos for medicines), and Esmeralda's operation was done on Tuesday, April 23.  Apart from the generosity of the doctors, this was a huge discount on the usual hospital fees, even for a public hospital. 
Esmeralda didn't have the money for the surgery and she was going into hospital on Monday, April 22.  So she approached Anita (the Brigada leader), and we put this request on social media on April 18th.  By the end of the day of April 19, we had the money pledged, and more besides*.
What an amazing community!  Thank you all for your support and care.
We will keep you posted on Esmeralda's progress!  

*  The funds raised for Maria's surgery will pay for her surgery, transport and initial medicines.  Additional funds will be needed for return visits to the doctors and medicines.  Should there be other monies left over, they will go into our Emergency Medical Fund.

If you want to contribute to our Emergency Medical Fund, to help others in need of medical help, please call Kari on her cell # 333-820-4927.  (We have many individuals needing renal failure assistance.)  We now can accept PayPal payments.

Esmeralda is now at home recovering. We have been delivering small care packages to her each week (from our funds - not the donated funds for her medical expenses).  Esmeralada is in good spirits - recovery will just take time.

Here is Maria Esmeralda with the donated money for her surgery, transport and medications.  She apparently went off to Guadalajara excited and looking forward to getting the surgery done. Family and friends all gathered to wish her well.

All is well!  Here is Esmeralda the night after her surgery.  What a smile!  They removed a 16 kilo tumor!  Maria is now home and recovering from her surgery.  We hope to visit her soon.

On Monday, May 13 we did go to visit Esmeralda.  She is staying at her mother's house while she recovers.  (Her mother is a busy lady with 18 grandchildren! - so there are lots of children around.) 

Esmeralda is seeing the surgeon this week and we provided money for her transport from the funds raised.  But she could do with a walker -  if anyone is getting rid of one. Let us know!  But Esmeralda is very happy as you can see from her smile


This photo was from our visit on June.  Francisco was with us so asked lots of questions and at one point it became a bit weepy.  Esmeralda is so grateful for the support that she received from the ex-pat community.  The surgery has changed her life. 


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