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How to view our YouTube streaming fundraising event on your TV, tablet or phone

Viewing YouTube on your tablet, iPad or cell phone

If you want to watch the live video on your tablet, iPad or tablet, you do need to have the YouTube App installed.  (Some devices will have that automatically installed.)

Then you just click the link on our email that we sent you and it should then start to stream on your device.

Viewing YouTube on Smart TV

You’ll first want to install YouTube’s TV app on your TV if it’s not there already. (Apple TV and Android TV have YouTube pre-installed, as do many smart TVs.)  

If you have your email linked to your TV, then you can just open the email from us and click on the link and it will appear on your TV screen.


If you don't have email linked to your TV, then you will have to go to the YouTube App, and type in the link to find the YouTube video that we will be streaming live....  And yes you might have have to use the controls to do that and it's not always easy to do...

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