Housing and Roof Problems

There are many families in San Pedro Itzicán and the surrounding villages, living in very basic conditions.  Just a tarp roof, dirt floors and no windows.  Children, youth and adults all sharing the sleeping area. No washroom, or running water. Cooking is usually done inside or under temporary roofing. 

During May 2021, when the winds started, (pre-rainy season winds), Anita heard that there were 11 homes where the roofs were falling apart (just tarp roofs), so the women couldn't cook meals for their family anymore as there was no shelter.  That included the Children's Kitchen at the Brigada Community Center, where the food for over 310 children is prepared, and served.  So again, a plea for help, and we are so grateful for people coming forward to help pay for new roofing (laminate roof panels) and metal supports to be installed as roofing.

Home needing a roof
Measuring up for a new roof

Here you can see a couple of the houses that have problems...

Team at work on the Brigada kitchen roof

This is the laminate roofing being installed to help cover the dining area of the Brigada Community Kitchen where the children come to eat a meal, 5 days a week.  At least they can stay dry now...


We will be moving to a new piece of land in 2021 that we are purchasing, so this roofing will be moved and properly installed there once we have the area fenced and leveled.

We ordered the laminate panels in bulk to get a better price, but the price ended up being more than we had anticipated because we have to get facturas (tax receipts to prove IVA was paid).  It's a problem all Mexican charities have...  so the total cost will be around 60,000 pesos.  We have raised about 40,000 pesos so far.


One local charity (in Ajijic) - Lissa's Legacy - has already been helping with housing problems in San Pedro Itzicán.  But there are just so many families in need!  They work with Anita Torres of the Brigada Estatal because she knows the problems faced by the most vulnerable families.  Lissa's Legacy has already rebuilt some walls of houses that were falling down.