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Housing problems

There are many families in San Pedro Itzicán and the surrounding villages, living in very basic conditions.  Just a tarp roof, dirt floors and no windows.  Children, youth and adults all sharing the sleeping area. No washroom, or running water. Cooking is usually done inside, so everyone is breathing in the fumes of the fire - and whatever is made to create the fire.

From the studies that have been carried out in the San Pedro area on renal failure, one of the issues is air quality.  Air pollution is much higher in the evenings when people are cooking.  Breathing in these fumes can be detrimental to health, including renal problems.

One local (Ajijic) charitable organization - Lissa's Legacy - is now looking at ways to resolve some of the housing problems in San Pedro Itzicán.  Working with Anita Torres of the Brigada Estatal, they have identified some of the most vulnerable families, who own the land but cannot afford to build on it.  

It will take some time to negotiate the legal aspects before construction, but it is hoped that construction can start in 2021.

This is the Lissa's Legacy Board and Advisory Board members, 2020.
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