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Emergency Medical Fund

Because of the amazing support and help from many donors in April 2019, we were able to assist Maria Esmeralda with her surgery (which was done on Tuesday, April 19, 2019). 

Our most grateful thanks to all who responded.


After Esmeralda's expenses were paid, including her follow-up visits and medicines, any additional monies that were donated, were moved into our Emergency Medical Fund.  These monies are being used as needed in the community of San Pedro Itzicán.

Some monies (as requested by donors) will go towards specific medical or medical related educational projects.  The rest of the money in the Emergency Medical Fund will be just that.  To assist needy families with emergency medical help.  The Brigada provides free first aid services in three offices (San Pedro Itzicán, Mezcala and San Juan Tecomátlan), because of the lack of medical services or a local pharmacy.  The Brigada youth are trained in first aid, and some are training as nurses and paramedics.  So there is always need for non-prescription medicines for emergency use, as well as first aid supplies.     

Some of the money has already been used to pay for replacement urine testing strips.  Initially we had problems getting them, and then via Amazon US, we would have had to have a business Amazon account and somehow had them shipped to us.  But finally we found a contact in Guadalajara and we used the Emergency Medical Fund money to pay the 1,300 pesos for 200 testing strips.  Early detection of renal problems can save lives....

If you would like to contribute to our Emergency Medical fund, please let us know and we can pick up your donation.  If you are out of town, we can make other arrangements to receive your donation.

Or you can pay via PayPal.

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