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Dog walking training

As we are always looking at ways to train the Brigadistas in new skills, where they can potentially earn money, we recently were given a suggestion that dog walking might be something they could learn and earn money.  The areas around San Juan Tecomatlan have a number of ex-pat communities, and those people might want to use this service.  

So on Friday, February 1, 2019, Anita and four Brigadistas visited Workers Grooming in Ajijic, for their first training session. 


Orson Perez, the owner, was very helpful and gave them a great introduction to dog walking and how to work with different dogs.  They now will practice those skills so that they can advertise for work.    

So you can see the youth were enjoying getting to know the dogs and had fun on their walk with them.

Our grateful thanks to Orson!  Here is his Facebook page

if you need to contact him (for dog walking, grooming, day care and boarding services)

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