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Days for Girls workshop in La Pena - August 2018

35 young girls attended this workshop - the largest turnout for Days for Girls that they have had so far.  Many thanks to Anita and Ampelia for gathering up the girls for this important workshop.  And thank you Hana Figur for the excellent workshop! 


The 2nd workshop included mothers, sisters, aunts and grandmothers - none of them knew why they had periods and were never able to explain anything about it to their children or grandchildren.

And what a workshop it was!  We saw what empowerment for women could do!  The girls were amazing and loved Hana, the workshop and the wonderful gift bags they received (which included washable, reusable, sanitary pads and insertes, panties, soap and a carry bag).   Al made with love and care by the volunteers of Days for Girls Lake Chapala Mexico Team.
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