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Working with the Tepehua  Community Center in Chapala

April 2019:  Moonie King, President of the Tepehua Board of the Directors, approached us to offer us a urine testing machine.  Two of the Brigadistas (and Anita) took the training from Nurse Olga at Tepehua.  

In April, 60 tests were conducted in San Pedro Itzicán.  13 results indicated renal problems and two of them were at a serious stage.  One is a young girl of 6 years of age, and a man of 32 years of age.  Everyone has been referred to Dr. Carlos in Chapala, and further blood tests have ordered.  

We await the results from the testing done in May 2019.


We are most grateful to the Tepehua Community Centre for loaning this machine to us and for their support in providing start up supplies.  (Gloves, testing bottles and testing strips.) 


We do need financial assistance in purchasing further supplies, so if you could like to help, please contact us!

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