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Hair Styling and Make Up Lessons

We started a hairdressing training program in 2018, with Rodrigo (Rollo), one of the local Ajijic hairdressers.  He taught all aspects of hairdressing and make up.  Rollo came every Monday (his day off) and spent many hours teaching and encouraging these women.

Now a number of the women are working from home, making a bit of money, by styling or cutting hair and doing make-up for events.  We are so grateful to Rollo for his dedication and skills, and giving up so much of his time.

This was one of the programs we had to temporarily close during Covid, as we could not risk our volunteers or the trainees getting sick.

This is proving to be a very popular training course.  At most sessions, there are at least 14 women attending, and they are looking forward to more training!  Our grateful thanks to Rodrigo for helping these women! 

This is the link to Rodrigo's Facebook page  

Our grateful thanks to Carol Kaufman of The Guadalajara Reporter for the article in the newspaper issued on August 17, 2018.

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