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The Baking Program

The baking program evolved from the women in the FoodShare program. The women asked if they could build an oven on the Brigada office site, to make breads (more like a pizza oven).  Anita Torres, the Brigada leader, agreed to this, so in October 2019, the women helped to build it.
But sadly, the oven collapsed (probably because oven-proof bricks were not used.  So they started again in January 2020.
The oven and baking was a huge success and the women were thrilled that they were quickly able to sell what they had made.
So here is the new oven (January 2020), and it's busy being used. 
The women and some of the Brigada youth had a pizza making lesson (thanks to Neila and friends) in January 2020.  They loved that!
20200127_142735 (450 x 600).jpg
So while this baking program wasn't our initiative, we do provide input and assistance when we are asked.  The FoodShare program also contributed the initial supplies and tools for the program to get started.
We hope this program will continue to grow, and provide a way to teach other women new skills, while also helping them earn a small income.
The women are so proud of their new pizza making skills!
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