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Clean-up Projects

The Brigada organize regular garbage pick up days. Poco a Poco has helped by providing supplies, but more are always needed.  Also Lake Chapala Charities gave us money for equipment and supplies in 2018.  This was most helpful.   But supplies run out and tools don't last for long when dealing with the huge amount of garbage collected each time.
These towns and villages are drowning in trash!  Garbage pick up by the municipality is intermittent in San Pedro Itzitcán, and completely non-existent in the other small villages.  
Besides the Brigadadistas doing the work, the families who receive dispensas, are asked to help with these projects.  So they feel they have "earned" their dispensas, and feel proud they are helping their community.  It also helps make them aware of the problem that garbage creates. 
But supplies are always needed!
  • Large, heavy duty trash bags,
  • Brushes and large rakes, 
  • Heavy duty gloves,
  • Masks to protect the youth from dust etc.,
  • Bottled water for the volunteers,
  • Cookies or any type of snacks, for the volunteers.
If you want to help in any way, please fill out this form and submit it to us

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