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Literacy Classes and help for Primary, Secondary and High School Students

In February 2020, we realized that some of the women and men we work with in San Pedro Itzicán, are illiterate.  They only attended school for a short time.  This makes it difficult for them to find work, or to help their children with their homework.  Official figures in 2015 estimate that over 20% of the population is illiterate and nearly 48% of the population did not complete primary school.
But Anita found a qualified teacher who is now providing two hour classes, twice a week.  This is a paid position because this teacher is able to provide the literacy students with a primary school certificate if they complete the course (of one year).    We hope to find donors who will support this program.
When we saw the literacy classes at the beginning, we noticed that there were some children in the class.  We asked Anita, why were there and not going to school to learn these skills?  
What she told us, shocked us all.

These children don't go to school.  Some have been abandoned, with no one to encourage them or register them in school. 
Then Anita told us that were over 300 children abandoned in this area.

We had no idea.
But we now understand why this class is so important!

Maestro Fernando being given books and writing supplies to the students by Kari of Poco a Poco

Since September 2021, Maestro Fernando, is also providing teaching and helping secondary and high school students - especially students who are undertaking high school on-line.  This really will help them succeed.

(Students who drop out of high school, or do not attend it following secondary school, cannot return to the sechool class environment, so they have to take the high school program on-line.)

November 2021:  Two young men, Clemente and Samuel, who help Anita so much, are taking on-line high school classes with help from Maestro Fernando.  They do have to go to Poncitlán once a month for exams, as well as pay for inscription and other expenses.  And they get special tutoring from a wonderful teacher from Chapala.   A kind donor has taken on this cost:  we are most grateful - and so are Clemente and Samuel!  But its a struggle for them.

Clemente Baltazar Gutiérrez.jpg
Samuel Diaz Castellanos (2).jpg
If you would like to financially help with the education of other students or with the literacy program, please contact us!
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